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Tokami / Metamorpha (an advance order!)[SWTK-8]

Our Selling Price: 3,240Yen (tax incl.)
Tokami new album [Metamorpha] on sale December 23, 2015

"We realize that it is precious and valuable because we know it will one day end"
After the success of their one-man at Ikebukuro EDGE and the announcement of their one-man scheduled for June of next year at Shinjuku ReNY, their largest venue yet, Tokami announces the release of their new album! A self-sponsored live commemorating the release will be held at Takadanobaba AREA on December 2, 2015!

※If an advance order is placed together with an order for an item in stock, both items will be delivered together when the item on advance order is officially released. Therefore, it is recommended that advance orders are placed separately.

December 2, 2015: available for pre-sale at live venues
December 23, 2015: on sale in stores
Disc number: SWTK-8
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 3,240yen(tax in)
Format: 8page booklet
Limit 1000 copies

CD Playlist:
01. Anemone
02. Tsuioku no sou, Tomurai no ao
03. Lemurian Seed
04. Sayonara no Hate ni Ame ha furite
05. Lost memory
06. Venom
07. Poker face
08. Addicted lover
09. Crimson Sky
10. Yuutsunaru futashikana asu, hohoemino saki ni tsuita uso
11. Liar

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