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Misaruka World Domination Project (an advance order!)[SWMRD-10]

Our Selling Price: 3,000Yen (tax incl.)
Misaruka WDP limited DVD [World Domination Project] on sale via online shop and live venues only

On sale at live venues from July 12 through July 14, 2015, and via the online shop for a limited time

Misaruka WDP is the new formation of the singer Rui and the lead guitarist Rin from Misaruka. Misaruka is a Visual Kei band form Japan, they started their activities in 2008. Since they joined the record company Starwave Records in 2011, their popularity never stopped to increase. After many CD/DVD releases, many videos and a bunch of difference concerts as one-man lives around all Japan, they are now well known from the Visual Kei audience for their dynamic performances and respected by all in the industry. Misaruka WPD, which contains the 2 most popular members from Misaruka, is ready to rule the world!

DVD number: SWMRD-10
Label: Starwave Records
Price: 3,000yen(tax included)
Limit: 30 copies
*Disc is a DVD-R.

DVD Playlist:
01. -Calling-
02. Segula
03. -Rogation-

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