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Synk;yet / Silent Prayer[SWSY-4]

Our Selling Price: 1,620Yen (tax incl.)
Synk;yet 3rd single [Silent Prayer] on sale April 23, 2014

"Offer to us a silent prayer"
In addition to 2 brand new songs, the new single will include an unplugged version of [Sacred Symphony] and a remix of [Fake out], a favorite at live shows, for a total of 4 tracks! A self-sponsored release party, [Prayer in the darkness], will be held on March 19 at Ikebukuro Edge to commemorate the release!

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Line-up :
Vocal: Liki
Guitar: Yuiha
Guitar&Piano: Rino
Bass: Shiori
Drums: Kouji

Live schedule
March 19, 2014 Ikebukuro EDGE (Release party)
April 25, 2014 Ikebukuro CYBER (Rino birthday event)
May 30, 2014 Ikebukuro CYBER (Yuiha birthday event)
July 20, 2014 Takadanobaba AREA (2nd oneman)

3rd single [Silent Prayer]
March 19, 2014: available for pre-sale at live venues
April 23, 2014: on sale in stores
Disc number: SWSY-4
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 1,620yen (tax in)
Includes: 12 page booklets
Limit 1000 copies

CD Playlist:
01. Silent Player
02. Unlimited Crucio
03. Sacred Symphony (Unplugged Ver.)
04. Fake out (Complex Mind remix)

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