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Rose Noire / APOCALYPSE -the Resurrection of Notes-[DLRN-5]

Our Selling Price: 3,150Yen (tax incl.)
Rose Noire 1st full album [APOCALYPSE -the Resurrection of Notes-] on sale December 4, 2013

"Bringing light to an ended world, and an angel's kiss to me"
The long-awaited re-release of Rose Noire's sold-out first album greets the light of day at last! Several of the songs that became the crowning jewels of their early days have been rerecorded and remastered, retaining the distinctive atmosphere of their original forms, but with an even further polished sound. The gorgeous full album also features brand new tracks, including [FEED]!

Vocal. Louie
Violin. Jill
Support Guitar. NEMU (http://irumarin.com)
Support Bass. tAk (http://zwecklos.jp)
Support Drums. Ebisumaru (http://kaleidostyle.net)

Live schedule:
Nov 2, 2013 Ikebukuro Cyber (1st one man)

1st full album [APOCALYPSE -the Resurrection of Notes-]
Nov 2, 2013 at the live house
Dec 4, 2013 in stores
Disc Number: DLRN-5
Label: Darkest Labyrinth
Distrubution: FWD Inc.
Price: 3,150yen (Tax in)
Limited: 1000

01. awareness
02. Mask
03. Maprotiline
04. Perfectionism
05. Dual Evil
06. Alice
07. Desire
08. Royal Slaves
09. Driven
10. Hollyc
11. Dawn
12. Ears
14. FEED

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