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best collection 2002-2007 / BLOOD[CRCD-27]

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BLOOD best selection from 4albums. All songs were rerecorded by 3rd PERIOD members. [D.T.M.H.] by BLOOD has been selected as the theme song for the Japanese version of the movie [Rise: Blood Hunter] starring Lucy Liu! The movie, known as [BLOOD] in Japan, features a cameo by Marilyn Manson with no makeup, so it is also a must-see for Manson fans. The movie will begin its road show run on August 11 at theaters such as Theater N Shibuya. [D.T.M.H.] appears on BLOOD's [best collection 2002-2007] album, to be released on August 8! The official [BLOOD] movie home page can be found here: http://www.blood-movie.jp/
catalogue 2002~2007
line-up / Fuki: vocal, Kiwamu:guitar, Kaede: bass

DISC [CD] 01. Maria 02. morphine 03. byakuya 04. SAKURA 05. THE FUNERAL FOR HUMANITY 06. D.T.M.H. 07. BLIND 08. I remember you 09. Awakening 10. NEVERMORE 11. VENGEANCE for BLOOD 12. L'IRREPARABLE 13. SPLEEN 14. BRUMES ET PLUIES 15. VOICES (piano version)
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