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Magistina Saga / Each Prayer[MSCD-2]

Our Selling Price: 1,260Yen (tax incl.)
Magistina Saga 1st maxi single [Each Prayer] on sale November 21, 2012

"Who are you portraying, in your mask of lies?"
Some of the band's earliest recordings, released before they joined Starwave Records. This version includes new and remastered songs for a total of 3 tracks. Hiroshi of SUICIDE ALI designed all the artwork for the CD. Magistina Saga's members poured their very souls into this production exploring the inner workings of the minds of all who must lie to survive in this world shared among all mankind!

Vocal: Iori
Guitar: Urugi
Bass: Kyo

Live Schedule:
Nov 22, 2012 Osaka ZEAL LINK (In store event)
Nov 27, 2012 Ikebukuro CYBER (1st live show in Tokyo)

1st Maxi-Single [Each Prayer]
Nov 21, 2012: on sale in stores
Disc number: MSCD-2
Distribution: Daiki Sound
Price: 1,260yen (tax in)

1. Princess False
2. 霞空 (Retake)
3. Persona

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