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GPKISM / Reliquia[DLKK-5]

Our Selling Price: 3,150Yen (tax incl.)
GPKISM 2nd full album [Reliquia] on sale in stores June 15, 2011

If all I have is this feeling, it will only disappear into my dream...
Nearly two years after their first full album, GPKISM releases their second full album! It will consist of 17 tracks including songs from their sold-out single and mini-album, new songs, and SE tracks!

GPKISM 2nd full album [Reliquia]
June 15, 2011 in stores
CD number: DLKK-5
Label: Darkest Labyrinth
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD baby, Code 7
Cost: ¥3,150 (tax in)
Includes: picture label & 12page booklet
Limit: 666 copies

Track list:
01. Reliquia ~Prelude~
02. Reliquia
03. Immolare
04. Succubus
05. Decidere
06. Barathrum
07. Perire
08. Iudicium
09. Desiderium
10. Strages
11. Angelus
12. Uterus
13. Incarnari
14. Corpus
15. Memoria
16. Ekstasis
17. Ekstasis ~Final~

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