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Phantasmagoria / THE ROYAL DEAD

Our Selling Price: 2,000Yen (tax incl.)
Time of J- goth in Twilight Records !!!
THE ROYAL DEAD is a brand new band emerged from the japan gothic scene.
They make a music between electro, dark wave but with the " japanese" touch. Violins and female voices of two beautiful girls are the trademark of this great band.

They apperaed in Orkus in the middle of year 2006 as a revelation band, and they were playing over the world showing their great talent.
The mind behind The Royal dead is Aci, a talented violinist. Together with the release of this full first album THE ROYAL DEAD (ex,PHANTASMAGORIA) will appear live at Castle Party and Switzerland and Germany and France and in April 2007 they will play live in USA.

01. Phantasmagorium
02. Fortune - remix version
03. Howling
04. Bubbe
05. Fuusou
06. Deracine
07. Soldier
08. Luna
09. Fortune
10. Silent dream

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