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Luzmelt / Luz-destination[SWLM-2]

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Luzmelt 1st mini-album [Luz-destination]

The 2nd of two back-to-back monthly releases by the newly formed band Luzmelt! "Illusion and the near future: the fusion of two delicate world views." The first mini-album has been confirmed to coincide with the debut of Luzmelt, who represents the darkness of and the light sought after by people who have lost their hearts. It will include 4 tracks likely to become standards of their live shows and 1 instrumental track. Their first sponsored oneman live in commemoration of their formation, [Supernova explosion], has been confirmed for February 10, 2010!

vocal: yuhma
guitar: asuka
guitar: kaie
bass: zig
drums: miu

Live schedule
February 10, 2010 Meguro Rokumeikan (oneman)

Luzmelt 1st mini album [Luz-destination]
Mar 24, 2010 Release
Disc number:SWLM-2
Label:Starwave Records
Distribution:Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD baby, Code 7
Picture label & 16pages booklet

1. supernova
2. grief color destination
3. LoopStream
4. dazzle closet
5. la salida

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