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SUICIDE ALI / Aoi ookami ga mita zekkei[CRDB-305]

Our Selling Price: 2,100Yen (tax incl.)
SUICIDE ALI / Aoi Ookami ga Mita Zekkei on sale December 23, 2009 (an advance orders!!)

DVD contains the PV for [Aoi Ookami ga Mita Zekkei] from the full album [Daiyon no Waltz], plus live videos of 2 songs recorded at their Tokyo and Osaka oneman live shows in August. This is the first video release by Suicide Ali to be distributed throughout Japan. The booklet contains artist photos taken by ts9, who has also taken photographs for Seileen and other artists.

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1st DVD [Aoi Ookami ga Mita Zekkei]
Nov 27, 2009 Online shop & Live show pre-sale
Dec 23, 2009 Release
Disc number: CRDB-305
Distrubution: Daiki Sound, CD baby, Tainted Reality Code 7
Limited: 300
Price: $21
Picture label & 12page booklet

01. Aoi Ookami ga Mita Zekkei
02. Rebandyisyu ringu (live)
03. Tadashii mahou no tsukurikata (live)

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