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Uketsugareta yubiwa / SUICIDE ALI[CRDB-177]

Our Selling Price: 2,000Yen (tax incl.)
"Can a king earn the loyalty of his kneeling servant?" Suicide Ali offers a glimpse into the Third World with the long-awaited release of their second mini-album consisting of 6 tracks! The band was formed in 2004. They have released 6 singles which were limited to live venues and all sold out on the same day. In 2007 they contributed a song to the omnibus album [Darkest Labyrinth] produced by BLOOD, and 3 songs to an omnibus album released by the German gothic magazine [Astan]. This production is their second release for nation-wide distribution, and their second mini-album. Plans are in the making for a live show in Los Angeles, USA this November. 2nd mini album / CRDB-177 / Limit 1000 copies / June 25, 2008 on sale

01. ame
02. hakugai no asa
03. Ko wo egaku yamai
04. boku toiu yugai na youso
05. rebandyisyu ringu
06. Senrei no asa
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