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SUICIDE ALI / Daiyon no waltz[CRDB-304]

Our Selling Price: 3,000Yen (tax incl.)
SUICIDE ALI / Daiyon no waltz
Sep 2, 2009 release (an advance order!)

This is the next stage of the story...A god that was born and fell in the end [virus code : Sailla]
This is their 1st full album, featuring their newly joined member. The album includes new recordings of rare material, three re-recorded songs as well as brand new songs.

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1st album [Daiyon no waltz]
Sep 2, 2009 release
Disc number: CRDB-304
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD baby, Code 7
Price: 30USD
Picture label, 16page booklet
Limited: 1000copies

01. Road of the wing
02. Aoi ookami ga mita zekkei
03. Yuukaigokko
04. Kaze no slave
05. Representa
06. Amphibia
07. Fuefukidouji
08. Rebandyisyu ringu
09. Aza-Sailla-
10. Lorent

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