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marlee / Virtual Sex[RPML-0001]

Our Selling Price: 2,700Yen (tax incl.)
marlee [Virtual Sex]

Marlee's second album is here at last! Marlee is an emotional digital rock
band created in Japan. With a finely calculated digital sound combined with solid heavy guitarwork and erotic and powerful vocals, Marlee's distructive sound is spreading across the world! Is this for real? The virtual reality of all 12 tracks will pollute your thoughts!
Industrial / Metal / Gothic

2nd album [Virtual Sex]
June 9, 2008 release
Label: Red Pain Records
Disc number: RPML-0001
Price: 27USD

01. Independence Day
02. Twister
03. Moopiee Game
04. Chrono Trigger [V.S.Edition]
05. New Type Aspirin
06. Circulation
07. Shi Ra Nui [feat.Andro(from GOTHIKA)]
08. FAKE
09. Coma Baby
10. Infinity [V.S.Edition]
11. Apatheia [403 Forbidden Mix]
12. Red Pain

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