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sarau fue to yakusoku / SUICIDE ALI[CRDB-166]

Our Selling Price: 2,000Yen (tax incl.)
"Obsession with life, obsession with death. This is the story of four characters on a journey to seek the meaning of life, SUICIDE ALI. Their world is heavy, dark, and mysterious. Will you peruse the pages of the enigmatic philosophy written in SUICIDE ALI?" The band was formed in 2004. They have released 6 singles which were limited to live venues and all sold out on the same day. In 2007 they contributed a song to the omnibus album [Darkest Labyrinth] produced by BLOOD, and 3 songs to an omnibus album released by the German gothic magazine [Astan]. This mini-album is their first release for nation-wide distribution, and they plan to release a second mini-album in June. 1st mini album / CRDB-166 / Limit 1000 copies / March 26th, 2008 on sale

01. tobira
03. kaze no slave
04. doumyaku
05. fuefuki douji
06. mujin no tokai
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