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2 Bullet 2nd album [ASSASSI-NATION] March 25, 2009 release

An anti-totalitarianism and anti-globalism militant group renouncing all organizations that rule the people, operating with the objective of constructing a social system in which all people can coexist. With their "Tactical Industrial" musical style focusing more on tactical characteristics than artistry, their battle for military intelligence rages on. Their motto is "In a revolution, you triumph or you die."
2 Bullet continues their vigorous activities with their second album in 5 years, the nearly complete first self-produced album. This will be their first release since entering into contract with Darkest Labyrinth. Andro of Gothika participates as a guest.
Industrial / Electro / Techno

K: Vocal
Kentaro: Voices
Dee Lee: Guitar / Tactical Program

2nd album [ASSASSI-NATION]
March 25, 2009 release(Japan & USA)
May 4, 2009 release(UK & Europe)
Disk number: DLTB-001
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Code7, Tainted Realty, CD baby
Price: US$20

01. Assassination
02. Authority
03. Border Line
04. Discrepancy
05. Triggeer
06. Destroy N.W.O.
07. Darkness In Combat Field
08. Police State
09. Rule Of Revolution
10. We're All Alone (feat. Andro from Gothika)
11. Humankind (Agitation 8.5 mix by Syndika Zero)
12. Assassination (Genocide Lucie Remix)
13. Assassination (Animassacre_Remix)
14. Border Line (Immutable System Remix)

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