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Atheos / GPKISM[CRKK-3]

Our Selling Price: 2,800Yen (tax incl.)
Their 1st full album based on the "Requiem for a Fallen Angel" concept!
GPK's operatic vocals and Kiwamu's gothic guitar come together to create a dramatic sound combining baroque and EBM styles. All the songs from the min-album and maxi single are re-recorded for the album along with new compositions. Their tour in Australia and two tours in the US ended in success.

01. Immaculatus
02. Thanatosis
03. Metempsykhosis
04. Metempsykhosis 〜Omega〜
05. Ultimatus
06. Illuminatum
07. Infernum
08. Synthesis
09. Abaddon
10. Sublimis 〜Alpha〜
11. Sublimis
12. Atheos
13. Sanktus
14. Abyssus

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