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Tea Party With Zombies (2nd press) / Spectrum-X[CRSX-2]

Our Selling Price: 2,000Yen (tax incl.)
Tea Party With Zombies (2nd press) / Spectrum-X
An Italian unit formed in 2004 with Nullifer and CandyBones at the center. Their latest release is a 2nd press edition of their first full album, and their second musical release since signing with Darkest Labyrinth. All songs are re-recorded with new guitar parts performed by Kiwamu of BLOOD. Includes a booklet with photos taken in Territory when they traveled to Japan. Accessories supplied by Suppurate System. Mike of Neon Synthesis participates as a guest musician.
CRSX-2 / $28 / limited 500 / Dec 24th, 2008 Release

01. The Road To Our World
02. Abaddon Came Alone
03. 3:15 a.m.
04. The Massacre
05. Dead Burger King
06. Rise From The Ground
07. Face Of Death (Not A Human Anymore)
08. Here Comes The Blood
09. Neverending Evil
10. Escape From The Madhouse
11. Slow
12. Tea Party With Zombies
13. Uninvited Guest
14. Never Sleep
15. Ancient House
16. The Road To Your World

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