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Shopping Guide
How to Shop
1. Select the item you wish to purchase.
Click [Add to Cart] to put the item into your shopping cart.
2. Go to Checkout.
Click [Checkout] to view the items in your shopping cart.
3. Checkout
Enter your information and shipping address, and select a payment option following the instructions.
4. Receive an order receipt email.
You will receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to check the details of your order.
5. Receive the items you ordered.
Shipping Methods and Fees
EMS shipping service (Flat Charge: 1,200Yen)
Shipping is free if the total amount for each destination is more than 5,000Yen.
Darkest Labyrinth uses EMS(post office service) from Japan to your country.
Tax-inclusive price
Payment Method
Select from the following options.
After you order the merchandise, please pay money by PayPal.
After Darkest Labyrinth confirm that payment on the PayPal account,
Darkest Labyrinth will send the merchandise to you.
Darkest Labyrinth uses EMS shipping(post office service).

Our paypal account is darkestlabyrinth_paypal@yahoo.co.jp
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